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[Press Release]
Samsung Beats Panasonic in PDP TV Shipment
04-16-2012   |   Displaybank

Samsung Electronics surpassed the PDP TV No.1 maker, Panasonic, in shipment. Samsung Electronics has been ranked unrivaled top as widening the gap more in February since the company surpassed Panasonic in PDT TV shipment for the first time last January.

According to the "Monthly FPD TV Shipment Data" published by a display market research specialist, Displaybank (CEO Peter Kwon, www.displaybank.com), Samsung Electronics and Panasonic's PDP TV shipment in February records 400K units and 260K units respectively.
Panasonic announced a major restructuring last year, and discontinued the operation of a recently-constructed P5 PDP line. Also, in terms of a remaining line P4, the company is known to discontinue the operation of a total of three sub-lines one by one each year from this year. Accordingly, this year, Panasonic lowered its PDT TV shipment target down to less than 2.5M units, which is more than half, though Panasonic shipped 5.7M PDP TVs last year.

In contrast, Samsung and LG Electronics plan PDT TV quantities which are similar to last year or reduced slightly. Last year, Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics shipped 5.2M units and 4.3M units PDT TVs respectively.

Meanwhile, the PDP TV shipment in February was 1.076M units, which was reduced by 21% over the previous month. Displaybank predicts that this downward trend will continue also in March.  Jusy Hong, Displaybank's senior researcher added that the PDP TV shipment in February fell due to the end of Chinese Lunar New Year Festivity sale, furthermore, as the inventories held by distributors exceeded the standard by the slump during the festivity sale period, the shipment in March was also expected to be affected.

Monthly Trend of PDP TV Shipments

<Source: Monthly FPD TV Shipment Data, Mar. 2012, Displaybank>


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