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OLED Materials Market Tracker - H1 2015

The “OLED Materials Market Tracker – H1 2015” newly published by IHS provides the analysis and forecast of organic light-emitting materials used in the production of active-matrix organic light-emitting diode (AMOLED) panels. In particular, this report deals with the light-emitting materials of red, green, and blue, along with the materials for common layers including hole transport layer (HTL), electron transport layer (ETL), and capping layer (CPL). It also covers dopant materials used in emissive layers, along with the materials for functional layers, such as charge generation layer (CGL) used in a stack structure, additional ETL (aETL) and electron blocking layer (EBL) used to improve blue efficiency, and prime layers used to enhance light extraction. The report examines consumption of such materials by panel maker and the status of materials suppliers.

The organic light-emitting materials market has grown in line with the growth of the AMOLED industry. Samsung Display Co., the producer of fine metal mask (FMM) RGB-type panels, should remain the dominant customer of organic light-emitting materials until the first half of 2015 when the full production of large-sized panels does not begin. However, LG Display Co. that produces white OLED (WOLED) panels, and Chinese panel makers are expected to increase their consumption of the materials from the second half of 2015 or the first quarter of 2016.

OLED Materials Market Tracker - H1 2015
Frequency Special
Updated 2015. 7
Page 155P



Executive summary 


I. AMOLED Material introduction 
1. OLED fundamentals 
2. OLED materials by layer  
3. Characterization of emission OLED materials 
4. Small molecule and polymer: Color pattering process 
5. Various OLED color pattering processes 
6. Fluorescence versus Phosphorescence: Emission mechanism 
7. Fluorescence versus Phosphorescence: Emission efficiency and materials 
8. Common layer materials: HIL/HTL/ETL/EIL 

II. AMOLED industry and major makers 
1. AMOLED industry trend 
2. AMOLED panel demand forecast in unit 
3. AMOLED panel demand forecast in area 
4. AMOLED panel supply and demand analysis 
5. AMOLED panel maker status: Samsung Display 
6. AMOLED panel maker status: LG Display 
7. AMOLED panel maker status: Companies in China 
8. AMOLED panel maker status: Companies in Taiwan 
9. AMOLED panel maker status: Companies in Japan 

III. AMOLED materials demand analysis 
1. Samsung Display demand: 2014–2016 
1.1. HTL material 
1.2. EML: Red host and dopant 
1.3. EML: Green host and dopant 
1.4. EML: Blue host and dopant 
1.5. ETL/EIL materials 
1.6. RGB prime (R’, G’, B’) materials 
1.7. CPL materials 
1.8. Summary 
2. LG Display demand: 2014–2016 
2.1. HIL/HTL materials 
2.2. EML: Red host and dopant 
2.3. EML: Green host and dopant 
2.4. EML: YG host and dopant 
2.5. EML: Blue host and dopant 
2.6. ETL/EIL materials 
2.7. Others 
2.8. Summary 

IV. Global materials demand forecast 
1. FMM RGB type demand forecast: 2014–2019 
2. WOLED type demand forecast: 2014–2019 
3. Global material demand forecast: 2014–2019 

V. Price and market forecast in value 
1. Price analysis 
1.1. HTL materials 
1.2. EML: Red host 
1.3. EML: Green host 
1.4. EML: Blue host 
1.5. ETL/EIL materials 
1.6. Other materials 
2. Market forecast in value: 2014–2019 
2.1. Outline and methodology 
2.2. FMM RGB type 
2.3. WOLED type 
2.4. Global materials market forecast in value 

VI. Competition analysis: Supply chain 
1. Samsung Display 
1.1. Materials supply chain: M2 
1.2. Materials supply chain: M4 
1.3. Materials supply chain: M5 
1.4. Materials supply chain: M6 
1.5. Materials supply chain: New M4 
1.6. Materials supply chain: M7 
2. LG Display 
2.1. Materials supply chain: KS13 
2.2. Materials supply chain: KS14 and KS14A 
2.3. Materials supply chain: KS15 and KS15A 
2.4. Materials supply chain: CW13 
2.5. Materials supply chain: CW14A and CW14B

VII. Competition analysis: market share 
1. HTL materials 
2. EML: Red host and dopant 
3. EML: Green host and dopant 
4. EML: Blue host and dopant 
5. ETL materials
6. Functional aid materials 

VIII. AMOLED panel cost analysis 
1. AMOLED material cost forecast: TV 
1.1. WOLED 55-inch FHD TV  
1.2. RGB OLED 55-inch FHD TV 
1.3. Cost comparison: RGB OLED versus WOLED 55-inch FHD TV 
1.4. AMOLED panel cost structure for TV: WOELD 55-inch FHD 
2. AMOLED material cost forecast: Tablet PC 
2.1. RGB OLED 8.4-inch (2560×1600) 
2.2. WOLED 8.4-inch (2560×1600) 
2.3. Cost comparison: RGB OLED versus WOLED 8.4-inch table PC 
2.4. AMOLED panel cost structure for table PC: RGB OLED 8.4-inch 
3. AMOLED material cost forecast: Mobile phone 
3.1. RGB OLED 5.1-inch (2560×1440) 
3.2. WOLED 5.1-inch (2560×1440) 
3.3. Cost comparison: RGB OLED versus WOLED 5.1-inch mobile phone 
3.4. AMOLED panel cost structure for mobile phone: RGB OLED 5.1-inch 

IX. New technology and market trends update 
1. Evolution of AMOLED pixel structures in Galaxy series of Samsung Electronics  
2. Importance of phosphorescence for high resolution 
3. Power consumption issues 
4. Single-stack EML versus multistack EML 
5. UDC’s PHOLED versus LED 
6. PHOLED lineup of UDC 
7. New emission mechanism: Delayed fluorescence 
8. Various delayed-fluorescent materials 
9. PIN OLED technology of Novaled 
10. HTL with p-doping 
11. Introduction of electron blocking layer (EBL) 
12. ETL with n-doping 
13. Solution deposition of OLED for reduction of material consumption 
14. Polymer OLED with simple-layered structure 
15. Current status of polymer OLED materials for displays  
16. Current status of soluble small-molecule OLED materials 

X. IP status 
1. Red phosphorescent material patents 
2. Green phosphorescent material patents 
3. Blue phosphorescent material patents 
4. Patent acquisitions and M&As related to OLED materials 
5. Patent trials related to phosphorescent of UDC 

XI. Methodology 


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