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Sapphire Ingot Technology & Market Report - 2014
  • Analysis on competitiveness of the sapphire cover market
    • Production cost of sapphire front covers
    • Price competitiveness of the sapphire front cover
    • Price strategy of smartphones with sapphire front covers
    • Camera lens and home button cover, smartwatch, and sapphire front cover trends
    • Sapphire front cover market forecast based on a scenario
  • LED sapphire ingot and substrate market analysis and forecast
    • Demand analysis by size and by region
    • Sapphire ingot and substrate price forecast
    • Sapphire ingot and substrate supply chain analysis

After Apple Inc. applied sapphire on the camera lens and home button covers with fingerprint recognition since 2012, the sapphire ingot and substrate market has been drawing attention again for its high growth potential.   

In addition, with Apple investing $578 million into GT Advanced Technologies Inc. (GTAT), a US-based sapphire ingot producer and equipment provider, in November 2013, the industry is expecting sapphire to be applied on the front cover of iPhones on top of the camera lens cover and home button. Through the investment in GTAT, Apple secures a stable supply source for sapphire materials and it is expected to use this as a differentiation strategy.
Competitors of Apple are currently contemplating the use of sapphire. If Apple’s strategy of using sapphire on the front cover proves to be effective, the sapphire ingot market is forecast to grow at a rapid pace.

Such maneuvers by Apple are expected to have a great impact on not only the sapphire ingot and substrate market but also the smartphone manufacturing industry, and it will be important to keep an eye on how fast sapphire will be applied on iPhones and demand for the Apple Watch will increase.

This report has forecast the price of sapphire front covers based on a scenario of the sapphire covers to be applied on the next iPhone in 2015 and made a forecast of the growth potential of the sapphire cover market through an analysis of the sapphire cover production cost.  In addition, with the growth of light emitting diode (LED) lighting market, the report conducted a market analysis of sapphire ingot and substrate for LEDs by region and by size.

Sapphire Ingot Technology & Market Report - 2014
Frequency Yearly
Page 118P


I. Introduction  
1. Executive summary 
2. Research methodology 

II. Sapphire ingot/substrate technology
1. Overview 
2. Types of LED ingot 
3. LED ingot materials  
 3.1. Alumina  
 3.2. Silicon carbide 
 3.3. Gallium nitride 
 3.4. Zinc oxide 
4. Sapphire ingot growth methods 
 4.1. Kyropoulos 
 4.2. Vertical horizontal gradient freezing 
 4.3. Edge defined film growth  
 4.4. Czochralski 
 4.5. Heat exchange method  
5. LED sapphire substrate manufacturing process  
 5.1. Wire sawing 
 5.2. Lapping  
 5.3. Dia polishing  
 5.4. Chemical mechanical polishing   
6. Patterned sapphire substrate technology  
 6.1 PSS technology overview 
 6.2. PSS sapphire manufacturing process
 6.3. Analysis on PSS supply flow 

III. Major sapphire cover market trend  
1. Overview  
2. Camera lens and home button cover trends 
 2.1. Analysis on substrate processing technology and supply chain 
3. Smartwatch trends 
4. Sapphire front cover trend 
IV. Sapphire front cover market 
1. Introduction to sapphire front covers  
 1.1. Display cover types and characteristics 
2. Display cover manufacturing process 
 2.1. Overview 
 2.2. Cover glass manufacturing process 
 2.3. Sapphire front cover production process 
  2.3.1. Edge grinding 
  2.3.2. Hole drilling and concave processing 
  2.3.3. Curved cover glass 
  2.3.4. CNC grinding and polishing process 
  2.3.5. Molding process 
  2.3.6. Plane polishing process 
  2.3.7. Slumping  
3. Sapphire front cover yield by growth technique  
4. Strategic cooperation between Apple and GTAT 
5. Production cost analysis for sapphire front covers 
 5.1. KY ingot shape and processing characteristics  
 5.2. HEM ingot shape and processing characteristics 
 5.3. Sapphire front cover size  
 5.4. Ingot mapping for sapphire front covers  
 5.5. Sapphire front cover production cost 
6. Analysis on price competitiveness of sapphire front cover 
7. Price strategy of smartphones with sapphire front covers 
 7.1. Assumptions on iPhones with sapphire front covers 
8. Sapphire front cover supply chain of Apple 
9. Sapphire front cover market forecast 
 9.1. Sapphire cover market growth scenario 
 9.2. Total volume (Millions of units, TIE) 
 9.3. Total value (Millions of dollars) 
 9.4. Volume by application (Thousands of units, TIE) 
 9.5. Value by application (Millions of dollars) 

V. LED Sapphire ingot/substrate market 
1. LED sapphire substrate market overview 
2. LED sapphire substrate market analysis and forecast 
 2.1. Total volume (Thousands of units, TIE) 
 2.2. Total value (Millions of dollars) 
 2.3. Volume by size (Thousands of units, TIE) 
 2.4. Value by size (Millions of dollars) 
 2.5. Volume by region (Thousands of units, TIE) 
 2.6. Value by region (Millions of dollars, TIE) 
3. PSS market analysis and forecast  
 3.1. PSS adoption rate forecast  
 3.2. Total volume (Thousands of units, TIE) 
 3.3. Total value (Millions of dollars)  
4. LED sapphire substrate price trend  
5. LED sapphire ingot demand analysis and forecast 
 5.1. Total volume (Thousands of mm, TIE) 
 5.2. Total value (Millions of dollars) 
 5.3. Volume by size (Thousands of mm, TIE)  
 5.4. Value by size (Millions of dollars) 
 5.5. Volume by region (Thousands of mm, TIE)  
 5.6. Value by region (Millions of dollars) 
 5.7. LED sapphire ingot price trend 
6. LED sapphire ingot/substrate supply chain 
 6.1. South Korea 
 6.2. Taiwan/China 
 6.3. Japan 
 6.4. US/Europe 
VI. Sapphire ingot/substrate company status/capacity 
1. Sapphire ingot/substrate company status  
 1.1. Company and technology overview 
 1.2. STC  
 1.3. Rubicon 
 1.4. Monocrystal  
 1.5. GTAT  
 1.6. Aurora Sapphire  
 1.7. Namiki  
 1.8. SSLM  
 1.9. Hansol Technics  
 1.10. USIO  
 1.11. DK AZTEC  
 1.12. OCI  
 1.13. HTOT 
2. Sapphire ingot capacity


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