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Polarizer & Optical Films Market Tracker

The production of polarizing plate is on red alert. IHS expects polarizer supply to become tight from the second half of 2014 and go through a shortage beginning 2015. The biggest reason is that demand for polarizer, in terms of area, is forecast to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7%, but the supply is expected to grow only at a CAGR of 2% due to a lack of new operating lines. 

Another issue is tariffs from China. China has hiked tariffs on polarizers to 8% this year and it may hike them again to 11% next year. Such a tariff increase means polarizers will lose price competitiveness. China-based panel makers will also likely depend more on polarizer supplies in China rather than importing them. But supplies in China absurdly fall short of meeting the panel demand in China.

LG Chem Ltd., which already built a new line in China, and Chi Mei Materials Technology Corp. (CMMT) are expected to greatly benefit from the rise in panel demand in China. (See p.60.) In this context, Nitto Denko Corp. and China’s Shenzhen SAPO Photoelectric Co. (SAPO) are believed to have reached a business pact.

In addition, the outlook for the 2014 panel market is bullish. By value, the polarizer market is estimated to increase by 5.3% in 2014 compared to a year ago to $10.3 billion. It is also forecast to rise 5.4% in 2015. In terms of area, the market is forecast to grow at a CAGR of 7.5% from about 400 million square meters in 2014, to exceed 500 million square meters in 2018. 

The annual market site of more than $10 billion is not small at all. Amid growing panel market, rising demand for polarizer, supply shortage, and emerging solutions of acryl/COP/resin PVA, IHS Technology published “Polarizer & Optical Films Market Tracker – H2 2014.” This should help readers better understand and predict the polarizer market. 

Polarizer & Optical Films Market Tracker
Frequency Half Yearly
Page 84P


Chapter 1. Polarizer market and industry
 1. Overview
  1.1. Research methodology
  1.2. Research scope and definitions
  1.3. Revisions made in the H2 2014 report
 2. Polarizer market forecast
  2.1. Overall polarizer market forecast, 2013–2018
  2.2. Polarizer market forecast by display type
  2.3. Polarizer market forecast by application
 3. Mid- to long-term polarizer demand forecast
  3.1. Overall polarizer demand forecast, 2013–2018
  3.2. Polarizer demand forecast by display type
  3.3. Polarizer demand forecast by application
  3.4. Polarizer demand forecast by region
  3.5. Polarizer demand forecast by display mode
 4. Short-term polarizer demand forecast
  4.1. Overall polarizer demand forecast, Q3 2013–Q2 2015
  4.2. Polarizer demand forecast by display type
  4.3. Polarizer demand forecast by application
 5. Analysis of polarizer production capacity
  5.1. Polarizer production line and capacity
  5.2. Overall production capacity, 2009-2016
  5.3. Polarizer production capacity by manufacturer
  5.4. Polarizer production capacity by region
  5.5. Polarizer production capacity by group
  5.6. Short-term analysis of polarizer production capacity, Q3 2013–Q2 2015
  5.7. Short-term analysis of polarizer production capacity by manufacturer
 6. Status of major polarizer companies 
  6.1. Nitto
  6.2. Sumitomo Chemical
  6.3. LG Chem
  6.4. Samsung SDI (Formerly Cheil Industries)
  6.5. Sanritz
  6.6. BenQ Materials
  6.7. CMMT
  6.8. Others
  6.9. Supply chain of sub-films
  6.10. Revenue by manufacturer
 7. Status of polarizer supply chain
  7.1. Overall large TFT-LCD polarizer
  7.2. Notebook PC-use polarizer
  7.3. Monitor-use polarizer
  7.4. TV-use polarizer
  7.5. Tablet PC-use polarizer
 8. Polarizer demand/supply and price trends
  8.1. Polarizer supply and demand
  8.2. Polarizer demand and supply by region
  8.3. Polarizer price trends
  8.4. Polarizer production cost (Bill of materials, BOM)

Chapter 2. Polarizer sub-film market and industry
 1. Polarizer structure and sub-film
  1.1. Polarizer structure
  1.2. Polarizer production process
 2. PVA film
  2.1. PVA film market forecast, 2013–2018
  2.2. PVA film production capacity
 3. PVA protection film: TAC/Acryl/PET
  3.1. Overall PVA protection film market forecast, 2013–2018
  3.2. PVA protection film market forecast by location and use
  3.3. PVA protection film market forecast by base film
  3.4. PVA protection film production capacity
 4. Compensation film
  4.1. Compensation film market forecast
  4.2. Compensation film market forecast by base film
  4.3. Compensation film market forecast by display mode (TFT-LCD polarizer)
  4.4. Compensation film market share by film type
 5. Surface treatment film
  5.1. Surface treatment film market forecast, 2013–2018
  5.2. Surface treatment film market forecast by film type
  5.3. AG film market forecast by base film
 6. PET protection film/release film
  6.1. PET protection film market forecast, 2013–2018
  6.2. Release film market forecast, 2013–2018


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